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1986 Seiko ref. 8T23-8020 Hand Wound Quartz
  • 1986 Seiko ref. 8T23-8020 Hand Wound Quartz


    Up for sale is this beautiful 1986 Seiko ref. 8T23-8020 Hand Wound Quartz


    Case Width: 35mm Excluding the crown


    Case Thickness: 11mm including the crystal


    Dial: Original


    Hands: Original


    Bezel: Base Metal

    Case Back: SEIKO WATER RESISTANT - BASE METAL - ST. STEEL BACK - 8T23-8020 - JAPAN A - 600227


    Case Material: Base Metal Coated Gun Metal Color


    Crown: Original Base Metal Coated Gun Metal Color


    Crystal Material: Plexi Crystal


    Lug Width: 18mm


    Band Material: Leather


    Condition: In preowned condition, bezel has some hits.


    Movement: Seiko Cal. 8T32.


    Service History: Unknown, but in running condition.


    Red Light: Also the light does lights up. That being said, the red light does not fully stay lit when wound, however a full charge hasn't been given. But the watch is working as it should.


    About this piece as written on 


    "The world’s first manual winding quartz movement was Seiko’s Cal. 8T32, released by Seiko in the late 1980s. The wearer would be able to wind the crown and turn a small electrical generator, which charged a capacitor.


    This timepiece would be discontinued a year later, as it was not commercially viable due to a variety of reasons. Without going too much in depth, one of the main reasons was an astonishing 3-minute winding time for 75 hours of power reserve.


    Though ultimately a commercial failure, Seiko can adapt and create new conceptual and physical models through an iterative learning process. Almost all innovations are the result of previous learning failures."


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